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Hello Everybody!!! Welcome to SuperDanny's MegaMan Legends Universe!! If your a MegaMan Legends fan, then let me just say, you are a truly blessed, and very special person, and I would like to shake your hand. It's hard to find great people in society that enjoy a game like MegaMan Legends and its series. Here at my MegaMan Legends Universe, I try to give great people of society such as yourself, a neat place for them to feel comfortable, expand their knowledge of the series, and just feel like they belong somewhere. Please stay awhile, check out neat pictures, listen to fun music, and laugh at my twisted obsession with this great video game series, MegaMan Legends!!

Long Live Legends! -SuperDanny!

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MLU lives to see Legends 3 10-10-10
Just barely. After the announcement of development for MegaMan Legends 3 the entire fanbase is in PARTY MODE! Myself included, so I decided to do some much needed updates around my good ol' website. I haven't done much yet, but I plan on re-working a lot of old very out of date pages. For the mean time, enjoy the new background I shamelessly stole from Capcom's website XD

MY EYES! I CAN SEE!! 2-17-08
I changed the background image, so now it's easier on the eyes. It's amazing that it's taken me 5 years to do this.

MegaMan Legends ONLINE! 12-30-07
I just made a new page about the MegaMan Legends Online game undergroundruin created for the Message Board. It's an edit of the first person shooter game Unreal Tournament. It's really amazing, you can play as fully voices MegaMan Legends characters with music from the games, check it out, and play online against other Legends fans! MegaMan Legends Online

WTF! I HAS A WEBSITE!? 11-5-07
I actually made an update, praise Tron. I added a brand new page here all about the NEW MEGAMAN LEGENDS GAME!! HOLY CRAP NEW GAME ALERT THE WEB! Actually the news is VERY old, and we've been talking about the game on the Message Board for awhile now... oh well, better late then never. Head over to the Rockman DASH Big 5 Island Adventure page to read all about the kick ass game you'll never play!

Picture Changes! Interviews! Screenshots! Oh my! 8-29-06
Holy crap... it's been 6 months since my last update here... man I'm lazy. Ok well this update includes the following: 1. New Interview Uploaded! Interview with DuoYuy! Yes, I STILL do interviews :P 2. A new screenshot from NamcoXCapcom has been uploaded! It shows a Refractor in the game! Whoo, crappy digi-cam quality though, sorry. 3. I changed the Main Page image, and slightly changed the Entrance picture... That's it! Now to waste another 6 months before my next update XD

Have any ideas for my web site? e-mail me at SuperDanny9@aol.com

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Well, To start, I would recommend you go to the Message Board!, go there, join up and talk talk talk. Keep the fanbase of this lovable video game trilogy going on forever by chatting with fans. If you don't feel like talking, then check out some pictures at the totally cool Picture Gallery. Oh Oh!! One more place to go, If your a Tron Bonne fan, you gotta check out the Tron Bonne Shrine!! One more place here that I personally think is the best, is the Midis page. It's got cool midi files from all the MegaMan Legends Series games. Ok, remember, there are a lot of other cool pages so just look around ok? :D

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The Message Board!The Message Board!The Message Board!What are Tiesel and Tron talking about? Who knows... but there talking, and so should YOU! Join the Message Board!and talk to other Legends fans out there!
MIDI's!!The Midi Gallery!
Always wondered why Data can't stop dancing? It's because he can't get these awesome MIDI tunes out of his head! Click here to listen to them!
The Interviews Page!The Interviews Page!
Denise and I cought some majorly disfunctioned MegaFans and gave them a little interigation. To see the recordings, click here.
The Tron Bonne Shrine!The Tron Bonne Shrine!
Since my favorite character from the games is Tron, I built this shrine dedicated to her greatness, check it out enter here.
The Picture Gallery!!!
Here's where I put every picture I find that has something to do with MegaMan Legends. To see lots of cool pics, click on this word right here.

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