MegaMan Legends MIDIs!

Legends Midis!

SuperSayien2Gohan's Hits

This is SuperSaiyen2Gohan's wonderful Midis. He is constatnly making more, so be sure to check back here every so often. Also, make sure you ask him for permission before using his Midis at

IT HAS ARRIVED! SuperSayien2Gohan has finally finished his greatest MIDI masterpiece yet. A HUGE 25 minute long collaboration MIDI using nearly every Bonne Theme song imaginable! The amount of work, talent and sheer brilliance poured into this MIDI is incredible, and if you listen to it you'll understand. This MIDI drove me to tears the night I listened to it, it's so wonderfully well done and enjoyable. Please listen for yourself, and you'll understand why I respect SS2G so much as an artist, he has truly driven the MIDI format to it's greatest potential with this file.

The Omega Bonne Midi

The two songs below were released as Demo versions of the Omega Bonne Midi. I will still keep them uploaded on the site because they are still wonderful works of art, and still are worth listening to.

Bonnes Medley V1 | Bonnes Medley V2 (Demo)
Besides the almighty Omega Bonne Midi, SS2G also has a HUGE lineup of amazing MegaMan Legends MIDIs. You can find his current entire collection below, and always be sure to check back here for new releases as well.


MegaMan Legends

NEWESTFlutter Meledy
Escape from the Tower
Sub Cities Mix Mother Unit Sera
See You Again
Sub City Boss
Balcon Gerald (Full Battle)
Bonne Family Venceful Feelings
Flutter Vs. The Gesellschaft (Cut Scene)

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

Colossus Second Battle
A New Aurora Stone
Glyde Battle
Rob the Bank

MegaMan Legends 2

NEWESTCalinca Melody
Yosyonke Snow Fields
Nino Island Battle
MegaMan Legends 2 Staff Roll Remix
Dinosaur Reaverbot
Bola Battle
Klaymore Battle
Sera's 1st Form Battle
Elysium Defense Area
Train Battle
Elysium Bosses
Boss Revorbot 4
First Level Ruin
Geats Theme
Mission 1: Save Data
Mother Zone
Nino Island Water Ruin (2) (v3.0)
Nino Island Water Ruin (v2.0)
Pokte Village Manda Ruins

Brandon Ritter's Hits

Thanks to the great midi composer Brandon Ritter, he let me use these cool MegaMan Legends midis on the MegaMan Legends Universe. These midis are strictly his property, and I feel like a professional saying all this stuff. Anyways if you want to ask him for permission to use them, email him at Ok, enough with the talking, on to the music!

MegaMan Legends

Main Gate
We Are The Bonnes
Battle In The Sky
Sad Tiesel
Tron Meets MegaMan

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

Servbot Training
Servbots To The Rescue
Tiesel's Dig
Gesellschaft Theme
Prepare For The Mission
Tron's Room
Gesellschaft in Ruins
Steal the Cargo
Denise's Theme
The Great Vet Attack

MegaMan Legends 2

Yosyonke Town

Magnus Andersson's Hits

Thanks to Magnus Andersson, he just let me put these awesome Misadventures of Tron Bonne MIDIs here. Thanks Magnus Andersson! Remember, before you use these midis, be sure to ask him for permission by emailing him at

Puzzle Completed
Sart Farm
Final Battle - The Colossus
Tron Bonne Ending
The Dig-Out

AsbestsShoes' MIDIs!

AsbestosShoes is a promising MIDI composer who has made some fine MIDIs. He's very talented, and is of course, a huge MegaMan Legends fan. The MIDIs listed below belong to him, and only him. If you'd like to put them on your site, or something like that, make sure you ask him for permission first (I doubt he'll say no... but just ask, who knows, you might become friends with him), email him at

MegaMan Juno Remix
Manda Ruins
NEWSera Battle Remix
NEWGeetz Battle Remix
NEWMain Gate Remix

Other People's MIDIs!

MegaMan Juno's Theme (Creator: JanusJanus)

Special thanks to Teisel for helping me find these great Midi Composers.

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