Rockman DASH Big 5 Island Adventure

Rockman DASH Big 5 Island Adventure

In a surprising announcement at the 2007 Tokyo Game Show, Capcom unveiled their newest lineup of video games... for the cell phone! Capcom has created a whole lineup of video games to be played on Japanese DoCoMo cell phones, via their Capcom Game Service. If your lucky enough to own a DoCoMo cell phone in Japan, you can sign up for Capcom's service, and have awesome Capcom games downloaded to your cell phone. Capcom has already announced cool games from their most popular franchises like Bio Hazard (Resident Evil), Devil May Cry and even Breath of Fire! Of course Rockman had to be a part of this, but for this occasion, Capcom decided to go with a lesser known Rockman franchise.

Rockman DASH Big 5 Island Adventure, is what the title has been translated to by most people. It will be released in January 2008, and only for the Japanese DoCoMo cell phones. The game will feature Playstation 1 quality graphics and gameplay, and an original story that seems likely to take place inbetween DASH 1 and DASH 2. From the screenshots, the game does indeed look to be worthy of the other DASH games. Behold! Our newest addition to the Rockman DASH Series!

Rockman DASH Big 5 Island Adventure Screen Shots

A MegaMan website called Atomic-Fire had one of their representatives actually play the demo for 5 Island Adventure, and here's is what he had to say:

"Description taken from Fireman of Atomic-Fire"
Surprisingly this game has quite amazing graphics. Although it's not uncommon for cell phones here in Japan these days to have graphics equal to those of the first Sony Playstation. The game begins with Rock and Roll speaking about Roll's grandfather Barrel having activities on an island not yet stated and Roll explains she can, with the newly installed Charge Burst, have the Flutter get to pretty much any island in the world in no time at all. Rock, being in the roof of the Flutter is told to come in and they test out Roll's new upgrade. The Flutter goes at amazing speeds, but also in no time flat runs completely dry of fuel. Just like in the first DASH, we're in for another crash landing. The closest island is Shiirosu-tou (Coelos Island). Stranded on this island, right near a dig site, Rock decides to go in and collect fuel and whatever necessary. But who sees him go into the site, Tron and Teisel Bone who comment on the irony of meeting Rock again at a place like that. Rock enters and we get to play. It plays much like DASH 1 and DASH 2 except lock on is automatic. We run through a short ruin which comes to an exit, immediately entering another ruin. We get to fight two very week enemies before coming to an elevator. Rock tells Roll the elevator seems to still work and uses it to go to a different floor. This is, unfortunately where the demo ends. The game releases January of 2008. Although I don't have the necessary phone to play it upon release, a friend of mine does. Not that he'll lend me his phone, but I can probably convince him to download it so we can play through. The story of the game would seemingly take place between DASH 1 and DASH 2 given both Rock's outfit and the talk in the game. It seems all the Bone's and the Kobun, as well as Rock, Roll, Data and Barrel will be returning in this game. There was one speaker at the booth having demo sound of the music, which sounds very-much like that in other DASH games. Although I couldn't tell since the phone's individual sounds weren't on, there do not seem to be actual voices in the game. Not quite the expectations for this as Ryuusei 2, but I definitely would like to play the new DASH in full.

-Fireman, Atomic-Fire

Needless to say, like Namco X Capcom, this game has a zero percent chance of coming to America. But unlike NxC, the game is near impossible to import. It's been confirmed that in order to play the game on a cell phone, the cell phone has to have activated service within Japan and you also need to subscribe to Capcom's game service as well. It's a very cruel world indeed, but if this is the ONLY way for us to get another Rockman DASH game, then it's this or nothing at all. Hopefully when the game releases, we can get more pictures and information of it. So stop whining about the game not coming to America, and raise your can of Mountain Dew to Capcom, they managed to find a way to actually make a damn DASH game after all these years. Happy 10th DASH, here's to your newest Adventure!

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