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I am happy to say that I am a proud owner of Namco X Capcom. It's a massive RPG-tactics based game with a unique battle system, and fun story. What makes the game so spectacular though, is it's cast. Namco and many Capcom associates have joined their licensing just for this one game so they could throw in characters from so many different worlds into this massive adventure. The character choices were very well picked, many characters being ones that haven't seen any new additions to their own story in quite sometime... and what does THAT make you think of?

Rockman DASH characters get to have a big part in this game! Characters I've seen in it so far are Tron, Kobuns, Rock, Roll, Rockman Juno and 2 kinds of reaverbots (Zakobans and... the shield ones :P). I'm not able to understand too much of the plot, but basically our DASH characters are sent into this strange world (Tron with her kobuns, Rock and Roll, and Rockman Juno are all sent seperately, and meet up later... reaverbots appear all over as regular enemies) with the other Namco and Capcom characters. The heroes form a main group, and the villians form a main group and basically, fight for... something. Still not sure what's going on. But it does seem like a fun story, and it's certainly quite awesome seeing our DASH (Legends) characters back in action!

On this page, I'll try to keep it updated with my latest information and findings on the game. For now though, I'll keep it short and simple, and only provide simple screen shots until I get enough information, to create an actual section of the site, covering the DASH concept of the game. So at the moment, please enjoy these screen shots. Some are offical, but many were taken with my digital camera, so the quality may be a little low for some. Also be sure to check out This Message Board Topic for any additional coverage I provide on the Message Board!

Preview Trailer Screen Shots

Gameplay Screen Shots

Screen Shots taken by my digital camera

Misc Images

The chances of Namco X Capcom coming to America look very, very bad. If you really like what you see, I recommend importing a copy right away. If you need any help modding your PS2 or finding a quality import site, I'll be glad to help you out. Just email me at

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