MegaMan Legends Online

MegaMan Legends Online

Ever wanted to play in a game as Roll? Yeah me neither... Ever wanted to fire a bazooka AT Roll... while playing AS Tron? Yeah same here, I know. Well stop dreaming and start PLAYING! The ever awesome member of the message board, undergroundruin, worked hard to create MegaMan Legends Online! What exactly IS MegaMan Legends Online? It's a game edit of the popular PC first person shooter game called Unreal Tournament 2004. UGR (undergroundruin) changed the characters into MegaMan Legends characters, and added full voice scripts and background music, so the game truly feels like a MegaMan Legends brawl. And you can even play online with other Legends fans, it's truly amazing!

Screen Shots


Video made by: undergroundruin

How to Play

Step 1: Download the game
Step 2: Extract the RAR file anywhere on your computer. If you don't know how to, use a program called WinRAR, it's free (

Step 3: Double click the file called "UT2004.exe". At the Main Menu, click Settings:

Step 4: Edit all the options to suit your needs. Most importantly, change your name so players know who you are, once your finished, click BACK at the bottom.

Step 5: Once your back at the Main Menu, click Join Game. At this menu, click Internet at the very top. Make sure the Game Type is Onslaught. After the server list is fully loaded, find the one titled MML. That's UGR's personal game server.

Step 6: Right click the MML server, and click OPEN IP.

Step 7: Make sure the IP Address reads "" and then click OK. After that, highlight MML and click JOIN at the bottom.

Step 8: Get PWNED by fellow Legends fans! Have fun! If you need any additional help playing or setting up, visit The Message Board Topic About Legends Online.

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