Interview with DuoYuy

Interview with DuoYuy!

This interview is with DuoYuy, another crazy MegaMan Legends fan. Another one of those interviews where before the interview, I knew very little about the person. DuoYuy emailed me after finding my site asking for an interview, so after awhile, we finally met online for the interview, here's how it went... that's ALL I'm gonna say about this one *shakes head*

SuperDanny: *turns on tape recorder* Ok! It's been awhile since I've done an interview but I think I can still pull it off. Tonight I am here with DuoYuy! How are you tonight DuoYuy?

DuoYuy: Pregnant with my fetus.
I mean, good, Bob!

SuperDanny: O_O
*looks behind himself, then back again* Me? I'm... nevermind, anyways... DuoYuy, you are in fact... a MegaMan Legends fan, correct?

DuoYuy: YES.

Or not.
I'm too preoccupied with my boyfriend for that kind of pleasure.

DuoYuy: My boyfriend looks like MegaMan, so I'm happy either way :3

SuperDanny: Excellent! Brown hair, green eyes, and the awkwardly bulky blue armor?

DuoYuy: Without that part.
But yes, pretty much the same.
He wants black hair, though,

SuperDanny: Tell him to kick a can repeatedly into a bakery, it'll make his entire tone turn darker gradually, including his hair... if he is indeed MegaMan.

Okay, I'll work on that.
He'll probably just do it because he can.
My boyfriend's like MegaMan if he were gay.

SuperDanny: Hahaha, well anyways... so you say "both" games, as in 2. Which 2 games of the MegaMan Legends series have you played so far?

DuoYuy: Both.
I've beaten them both, too.
I cry every night because I dunno if and when MML3 will come out ;-;

SuperDanny: Both as in 2 though, there ARE 3 games to the series you know... everyone seems to keep forgetting the Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

DuoYuy: Oh.
I played it at a friend's house one time.
Never beat it, though.
Only got to Glyde.

SuperDanny: The first Glyde, or the second Glyde, when you're fighting him as Tron?

DuoYuy: Second one.

SuperDanny: That's very close to the end though


DuoYuy: Whenever I see Tiesle, I think of "Boner".

SuperDanny:What!? Ok... ok that's weird... how do you get-, you know... I'm not even going to ask that, that's not a question on the list
ANYWAYS... ahem, when was the first time you played your first MegaMan Legends game?

DuoYuy: When I was....uhm....
I forget.
10, maybe?

DuoYuy: My brother got it for his birthday and I seceretly stole it.
My boyfriend doesn't like you.
He thinks you want something more than my opinion >>

SuperDanny: -_-


SuperDanny: The MegaMan-look alike doesn't like me, how can I face the world now.

DuoYuy: X333
He doesn't like you because I've neevr told him about you till he just walked up to the computer and sat in mah lap.
He then read our convo and started asking questions and whining.

If your... too busy for the interview we can reschedule XD

DuoYuy: Nah, it's okay.
I told him I'll give him love later <3
Crap, now HE wants to be interviewed.

SuperDanny: Is he a MegaMan Legends fan?

DuoYuy: Yes.
He's played them before.
The first one only, though.

SuperDanny:Well more the merrier, if he requests an interview I'll try and get one started. Anyways though, let's try and get back on topic... so you say you were 10 when you first played it, how many years ago was that?

DuoYuy: Like....I forget XDD
I dunno how old I was.
I might've played it when I was 11 or 12...
I'm 18 right now.

SuperDanny: Ok, so about 6 or 7 years ago you played MegaMan Legends 1. So, when you first played it, did you like the game right away, or did it take awhile for you to become a fan?

DuoYuy: I LOVED IT BECAUSE MEGAMAN WAS A SKINNY SLU--*gets hit in the head*
Uhm...Roll had nice legs.

SuperDanny: O_O Am I talking... to the same person

DuoYuy: Yes.
Marilyn Manson is awesome....
Anyway, next question.

SuperDanny: Ohhhhhh K... (sometimes I wish these interviews were audio) Anyways... DuoYuy, are you at all familiar with the OTHER MegaMan series'... like, the classic MegaMan games, or the X series, Zero series and/or Battle Network series at all?

DuoYuy: My stomach has been impregnated by my root beer.
I shall return.

I hate it when that happens...
lol, root beer. The elixir of youth...

DuoYuy: I hated the Classic Megaman, the X series is the hottest thing in the world, and I've played MMZ2.
My love for the X series and MML series is tied.

SuperDanny: Oh goodness, well that's cool. So you've played some other non-Legends games, and still remain a fan of Legends, that's awesome. Ok ok, so here's like, the "trademark" question of the interview. Who do you think MegaMan should end up with, Tron or Roll?

Seeing as how my love for shounen-ai conquers all....
That question puzzles me.

SuperDanny: You are correct


DuoYuy: Cuz like.

SuperDanny: XD There really is no wrong answer... it's an opinion

DuoYuy: Tron is hot an stuff.

SuperDanny: But your opinion is correct XD Tron rules

DuoYuy: And even though MegaMan sounded gay in the second one, I still believe he has some heterosexuality still left in him.

SuperDanny: Haha, yeah. Alright then next question. If a new MegaMan Legends game were to be released, what do you think would/could happen in it?

DuoYuy: Anything's possible.
I honestly don't care just so long as it continues the storyline and rocks my potatoes.
With star-stunning graphics and unrivaled game-play.
SuperDanny: Cool! Yeah that's always a hard question to answer... it HAS been awhile though, a very long while, and Capcom just recently OFFICIALLY ended an actual MegaMan series, Battle Network... do YOU think Capcom will do this samething to MegaMan Legends, or forever leave it open for that possible sequel?

DuoYuy: I think Capcom sucks genitiles.


DuoYuy: In the bad way, of course.

SuperDanny: Well... that's um... an interesting answer

SuperDanny: So, you think Capcom will forever, suck, and just never make a sequel?

DuoYuy: Yes because they suck on chickens.

DuoYuy: I like spitting on other people, it makes me feel superior.

SuperDanny: Wow, you know, of all the answers to that question, yours seems the most logical... somehow. Well, with that depressing final answer, I suppose the interview is over, I have no more questions to ask... I hope I remembered them all. Do you have anything else to add?

DuoYuy: For a good time, call CENSORED!!

SuperDanny: O_O I... don't think I can put a phone number on the internet XD

DuoYuy: It's fake, don't worry.

SuperDanny: It might be someone's number though

DuoYuy: It used to be my cell's, but it died.
Like, I sat on it or something.

SuperDanny: Well still... one day, you, or someone else will get that number back... and that phone will ring constantly with calls from weird MegaMan fanboys


I'll censor it
DuoYuy: I wonder if they'd be cute little teenagers....

DuoYuy: *daydreams*

SuperDanny: *saves number* ahem alright then, this ends it! Thank you so much for the interview DuoYuy! Say goodbye to all the interview readers!

DuoYuy: Good-bye, mah homehs.

SuperDanny: Goodbye everyone! *turns tape recorder off*

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