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Winamp Skins

Winamp is a program used to play music, and other sound files. But what's so cool about it is, you can get different cool skins for it. A skin makes winamp look different and sometimes function differently. Here, I got 3 skins, one with Roll Casket, one with Tron Bonne, and one from Dia with Roll Casket.

First, get winamp, and install it on to your computer. Winamp is free, and you can get it at Next, download these skins, and choose to download them into the Skins folder of your Winamp folder. Once that's been done, open Winamp, right click on the base of it, and click Skins, and then the skin you downloaded should appear on the list. Choose your skin and your all set!

Roll! I like that pic of her, very cute.

Tron... this ones great! I love the little servbot buttons.

Dia Aren Marie, wonderful, talented member of the Message Board made this AWESOME winamp skin! It's really a wonderful work of art, and I use this skin A LOT.
Now, this file is different from the first skins. To use it, download it to your Winamp Skin folder, then find the file, and extract what's inside of it (you'll need Winzip in order to extract it) into a folder YOU make (for example: "Dia Roll"). Then, on the skin selection, Dia's skin will show up as whatever you named the folder as.

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