MegaMan Legends Universe - Wallpapers


Cool wallpapers for your desktop! If I find more, I'll post em up here. Also, if YOU got a MegaMan Legends wallpaper that's not up here, email it to me and I'll put here, giving you credit and what not.

"But SuperDanny! How do I put a pic on my desktop!?" Is what you ask? Well... it's simple. Click on the pic you want. When it's full sized version comes up, right click it and choose "Set As Wallpaper". Then your all set.
Servbot Heads! I made this one using good ol MS Paint, and a few servbot pictures found on the net.

Tron Bonne and... Woodman!?This is an interesting wallpaper. I'm not sure what it's from or who made it. Voulnutt of the message board found this wallpaper one night via a Google Search. Looks like Tron and the servbots somehow found their way into Woodman's level of MegaMan 2 O_O; A very cool looking picture though for sure.

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne! My favorite. This pic comes from the CD case of TMoTB. I have this one on my computer right now.

MegaMan Legends Menu Background Coolness. You can make your desktop look like a menu in MegaMan Legends!

MegaMan Legends Forever AWESOME!! AsbestosShoes made this background for me as a welcome back present when I was gone for a couple months, it is the COOLEST!! Very well made background, you MUST get it! (click on link to see full version).

MegaMan Legends Universe This one is very awesome indeed. fab from The Legends Station gave me this background as a Christmas present. The little character on it is SuperDanny, and in outer space, you can see some familiar things floating around. Thanks fab!

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