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Welcome to the page all about me! Now, most of you are probably like "What the heck is this page? Where is the MegaMan stuff!? Where am I?" so, if you wanna get the heck outta here click here to go back to the main page. Anyways if your still here that means you want to know all about me! ME! SuperDanny! Possibly the most insane MegaMan fan alive! ahem.

Just Another Fan Like You

Basically, if your a member of the Message Board, you'll have a pretty good idea of who I am. I'm just your average obsesive MegaMan fan who loves everything that has something to do with the blue bomber. Whether it be Legends, Original, Zero, X or even the Battle Network series, I'm all for it. I first started to like MegaMan back when I first played the greatest one of them all, MegaMan Legends. That was sort of, the gateway game into my MegaMan fandom. That game gave me inspiration to make this website, and dedicate my life to play every single MegaMan game ever created. Of all the MegaMan series', I especially like, you guessed it, the MegaMan Legends series. It's a series that can't be summed up into words... it goes beyond words of greatness, to me it was the game that literally changed EVERYTHING in my life. So, after my life changing moment of playing MegaMan Legends 1, I created this website, now known as The MegaMan Legends Universe.

A Universe in the Making

When I FIRST made the VERY FIRST page of this website, I was like, a freshmen in highschool, and I was literally in love with Tron Bonne (ok I still am, but you get the point). I didn't know ANYTHING about HTML, so I used Angelfire's Basic Editor system, and created a single page talking about how amazing Tron Bonne is. One picture of her, a list of games she's been in (at the time 2...) and why she must be admired. It was like, the most simple thing ever. After that, I created 2 other pages, a Other Characters page and a page talking about MegaMan Legends in general. Then, the website sorta stuck there, and I didn't update it much. During this time, I was expanding my knowledge of both HTML, and MegaMan. After learning just enough HTML to create basic pages, I started forking about pages everywhere, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne pages, ScreenShot pages, Picture Gallerys, and just anything I could think of. Soon there were so many pages that I needed a better way of navigation. So I learned how to make frames, which was a pain, but after a few long nights I figured it out. From there, I added a FEW more pages, and finally named it The MegaMan Legends Universe! Now, it's still the simple site it's always been, but thanks to the friendliest fan base on earth, it remains happy and active due to it's ALSO fairly simple, Message Board. I've been the happy and proud creator of this website for many many years, and right now I couldn't be more happy with it. Thank you everyone for making my small simple site such a happy place.

The REAL SuperDanny

Well, if I had a digital camera or something I'd upload a picture of myself... but I don't. Basically, I'm just a skinny, tall, brown haired, green eyed male in his late teens who loves MegaMan on a level that is unhealthy. I live in Florida where I was also born. I live with my loving parents and little sister in a tiny but clean and safe house. And uh, I guess that's it, sorry nothing too interesting.

Special Thanks

This website has become one of the most special things in my life. If it weren't for some people, this website would not be, or maybe it would... but it would be like, not what it is today... ahem, anyways, here are some people I'd like to thank.

Capcom - Awwww man this is like, the GREATEST video game company ever. I mean, sure there has been a few angry things said about Capcom of USA's efforts on translation of Rockman games to MegaMan games, but still, I mean, what would we do without them? (probably learn Japanese and move across the ocean) Capcom gave us MegaMan, and that makes them awesome.
Keiji Inafune - Ok, Capcom is great and everything, but Capcom would be NOTHING without this man. He created everything Rockman, even sometimes without the encouragment of his managment, he worked long and hard to create wonderful games based on the underestimated blue bomber. Inafune made Rockman Dash, he made everything. Sure he had many MANY important staff members with him (like the music guys and stuff), but the general idea of what Rockman is is all thanks to him. If I could meet ONE person, I'd like to meet Inafune, he is the creator of my obsession and he is terribly underrated.
My Parents - Yep, they bought me the Playstation, the games, if not for them, I'd be clueless to what MegaMan Legends is. And not only that, they've been the greatest parents I could ask for. I mean, I know plenty of other parents who would frown on their 19 year-old child running around in a overly small MegaMan T-shirt screaming about some obscure new MegaMan sequel coming in 7 months... but my parents were always understanding and encouraged me on anything I do, whether they thought it was "normal" or not.
All My Friends - I have had SO much help from friends. Both online friends and offline. I WOULD list them all, but that'd take up the whole page. But you all know who you are, and I thank you enough as it is. Thank you everyone!

Well now... that's about all I have to say about me. If you want to talk to me or anything, email me at or talk to me at the Message Board. See you guys later, thanks for all the good times here at the Universe and Long Live Legends!

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