MegaMan Legends MP3s/WMAs!

MegaMan Legends MP3s!

On this page you can find MegaMan Legends related MP3/WMA audio files. Now I won't actually have the games' soundtrack available for download, but instead I will put interesting MP3s/WMAs here, like music remixes and obscure songs not actually found within the games' OSTs. So far I have 3 MP3s available, and I will be adding more as I find them. Please remember to ask the creators of the Fan Remixes for permission before you take their MP3 and use it for anything (website, music video, etc.). Also remember to Right-Click Save_As when downloading larger files, and enjoy!

Fan Remixes

Goolancer's Remixes

MegaMan_Legends_2_-_Yes,_Miss_Tron! (Goolancer Mix).mp3 Yes, Miss Tron! What an awesome awesome remix. The main song is the Geetz Battle theme we all already love so much. Goolancer adds in many great music effects, and uses many voice clips as well! A wonderful remix that I listen to quite often.

VG Man 2005's Remixes

At The Gates - VG Man 2005 This song is a wonderful remix of the BGM of the Mother Zone area in MegaMan Legends 2. VG Man 2005 really does a good job arranging the song, and complimenting it's hypnotic melody with neat instruments. If you thought the original song was interesting, wait till you hear this version, definetely worth the download!
Check out VG Man 2005's new website Mega Man Revolution!

Cleveland Rock's Remixes

Cleveland_Rock_-_Bonna_Davida.wmaYes, sir Cleveland Rock of the Message Board sent me this remix and I was blown away. It's the same song played in MegaMan Legends 1, when MegaMan is making is way through the Clozer Woods towards Teisel's Marlwolf at the Clozer Gate. However, Cleveland Rock mixes it up with awesome rock style instrumentals and really livens up the song! Great remix.

Official Remixes

Namco X Capcom

27_Flutter_vs._Gesselschaft_(Megaman_Legends).mp3 Track #27 from the Official Soundtrack of Namco X Capcom is the beloved theme from the MegaMan Legends 1 scene of the Flutter and Gesellschaft's battle in the clouds. It's slightly arranged, and I think classifys as an official remix. The song does sound a little quicker and is very fun to listen to!

If you have, or know of any Fan Remixes that you would like to see here available, please email me at and I'd love to place them up here along with the other remixes. MegaMan Legends FANS are rare as they are, and FAN REMIXES are even rarer, let's hope soon we can make this collection a much bigger one!

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