MegaMan Legends screen shots

MegaMan Legends Screen Shots!

Hey poeple! Here are some awesome screen shots from MegaMan Legends. Ok ok, some of them are from MegaMan64, but come on, there the same thing! Anyways, Enjoy!

WHAT!??! (says Teasel Bonne, ever so surprised at the failure of Tron againist "The Little Blue Boy")

The Battle between Bon Bonne and MegaMan Begins!

Looks like Bonne lost his head during the battle of MegaMan, oh well, good thing the servbots have this enormous magnet!

Hmmm, there is a bomb by this vending machine....but MegaMan is really thirsty...what should he do?

What a great selection of music CD's. But MegaMan's favorite is the "blue's brothers" HER HER HER HER! ok I'm sorry I know that sounded corny.

MegaMan and Roll must stop the pirates!

MegaMan is the bravest digger

HIYA! MegaMan can flip this turtle reaverbot with his kick

Kattelox is just filled with mystery

Watch out MegaMan! That turtle reaverbot is after you!

Hmm, didn't something like this happen in Indiana Jones...?

Yikes! It's got one arm!

Roll's such a good driver, that is until she crash lands the Flutter onto an island...

MegaMan vs. The Blumbears!

Miss Tron! Were sorry, we lost the key.

Calm down Tron, you don't wanna kill him, remember you have a crush on him?

Yikes! It's a crazy spider robot piloting pirate lady whose afraid of dogs!

hmmmm somebody's using the Buster Max trick...

It's funny how reporters put themselves in such danger.

This part in the game is so cool!

Looks like MegaMan beat Tron! But is she gonna be ok?

Wait a second, this store is floating in a dark empty vastness! AHH! Oh wait, thats just the playstation's graphics. whew.

MegaMan likes to kill reaverbots.

Certainly doesn't take much to make MegaMan happy, its a blue refractor... yay...

Go Roll! Go Roll! Its your birthday! Wait a minute... when is Roll's birthday?

Gramps, needs a hand down in the engine room, to bad MegaMan's too busy looking out that window, lazy punk.

Data oddly introduces himself, even though MegaMan and him have been life long friends.

Its called love Tron, love. You love MegaMan. Too confusing? Ok then just beat the crap out of him.

Ok, little yellow people standing and talking to each other about a Miss Tron... (MegaMan quits drinking).

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