Old Wise Man Barrel is here to give you hints and advise in MegaMan Legends

Cant find every special weapon? Dont know which museum item you forgot? Want to get Roll all 3 gifts? Well for all you MegaMan Legends players who are getting confused, I thought I should post a page that shows hints and tips on that complex game, MegaMan Legends. After reading this page completely,and you are still confused, email me at SuperDanny9@aol.com and I'll write back as soon as possible.

All those special weapons

Take the things listed next to the weapon to roll and she'll make the weapon for ya!

1.Powered Buster: Cannon Kit

2.Grenade Arm: Grenade Kit

3.Grand Grenade: Bomb Schematic

4.Active Buster: Guidance Unit

5.Drill Arm: Blunted Drill

6.Blade Arm: Zetsabre + Pen Light

7.Machine Buster: Blumebear Parts

8.Spread Buster: Old Launcher + Arm Supporter + Ancient Book

9.Vacuum Arm: Broken Motor + Broken Propeller + Broken Cleaner

10.Shield Arm: Mystic Orb + Marlwolf Shell

11.Shining Laser: X Buster + Weapon Plans + Prism Crystal

Roll's special buster parts

These are buster parts made by Roll from stuff MegaMan found in ruins

Sniper Scope: Target Sensor + Tele-Lens

1.Auto Battery: Autofire Barrel + Generator Part

2.Machine Gun: Rapidfire Barrel

3.Gatling Gun: Gatling Part + Flower Pearl

4.Plastique: Power Blaster L

5.Bomb: Power Blaster R

Body parts

Jump higher and travel faster with these body parts.

Jump Springs (Jump Higher): Spring Set

1.Helmet (Better defense): Safety Helmet

2.Arm or (Better defense): Buy at Junk Shop

3.Jet Skates (Move faster): Rollerboard + Old Hoverjets

4.Adapter Plug (Allows one more Buster Part): Joint Plug

Roll's gifts

Make Roll very happy by giving her these special gifts. After you accired the gift, go see Roll and choose talk.

Flower= You can pick this up outside of the ruins of Clover Woods.

Ring= This is found at the lake Jyun Sub-Gate. Its found in a hole in the wall.

Music Box= Beat the A challenge in the straight course of the roller skate race game.

Ok now that the obvious stuff is out of the way Lets solve some more complicated things shall we?

How to get inside the museum.

Well to get into the museum, first find the painter. She is on top of the huge slab in Uptown painting a picture of the hospital. Talk to her and eventually you'll discover that she is in need of a red drawing tool. Go to the Apple Market and into HipBone womens department store and talk to the clerk. She'll offer you her lipstick to you. Accept her offer and take the lipstick to the painter. She'll finish her drawing, give you her appreciation and then run away. The museum is now open.

Wheel chair girl.

Aww poor girl, I know! Lets cheer her up by buying her a state of the art rehabilitation system! Ok heres what ya do. First go to the hospital waiting room, find the wheel chair girl(if she's not there, play the game normally and come back every once in awhile), talk to her, and feel very sorry for her(I already tried kicking her off the wheel chair, believe me, it doesn't work. Then go to the front desk receptionist and talk to her, she'll ask you if your visiting Ira(the wheel chair girl) and the room number, 305(but there is only one room in the whole hospital?). Go to the room and talk to the nurse. She'll mention that the hospital cant afford there state of the art rehabilitation system for Ira. Go to City Hall and speak to Amelia, a new option will appear, choose "about the hospital's equipment". Amelia will say its 15000 zenny to get the new rehabilitater 2000(thats not the real name I just made that up), pay for it and return to the hospital. check in again at the front desk and go see Ira. Hurray! She can walk! She'll be so happy that she'll give you a flower pearl(which if combined with the gatling part becomes a good buster part called gatling gun)!

Whats with the Power Plant?

Ok, its there, its locked, and its so freaking annoying. The truth is, there is no way of getting in there. Its just there to be a pain in the rear-end! This also goes for the freaking Video Game school.


After solving the mini-quest where MegaMan stops the servbots from there "bank robbery"(After the helping the Inspector twice, go to the Flutter and watch TV, if their is a news report of a bankrobbery, go DownTown and shoot the red car, if not, then check the TV later), a new building will appear behind the libary. Its a fast food resturaunt, being managed by the servbots!? What the? I tried to do everything with this resteruant but it seems to just be there for decoration. But if you have played The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, you'll know that servbots are pretty good cooks.

Ok so that ends the hints and tips page and remember, this page was just tips and hints, it was NOT a strategy guide. But if you want any help in any MegaMan Legends series game, just email me at SuperDanny9@aol.com. Ok people, hope you wont have such a hard time next time you play MegaMan Legends!

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