MegaMan Legends FAQS

MegaMan Legends FAQS/Walkthrus

This is the page where I put all the FAQS and Walkthrus submitted to my site. If YOU would like to submit a walkthru of some sort, feel free to by emailing me at and I'll review it, and then slap it up here along side of the other ones.

Remember, all these FAQS are not MY property, so, if you want to put these FAQS on your website, don't bother emailing me, email the FAQS owner, you can find there email address inside there FAQ. And now, the FAQS!

MegaMan Legends FAQS

SIMSteven's WalkthruThis tells you how to go through the whole game, AND gives you a few side-challenges too.

Buster Cannon's Boss Battle FAQThis FAQ gives you in depth strategies on how to tackle all the boss battles in MegaMan Legends 1.

MegaMan Legends 2 FAQS

SIMSteven's WalkthruAnother wonderful walkthru done by SIMSteven. Not only does he help you get through the game and get everything in it, SIM also offers plot analysis for the confusing story! MUCH fun to read!

Buster Cannon's Boss Battle FAQBuster Cannon also made a Boss Battle FAQ for MegaMan Legends 2. This'll give you everything you need to know when it comes to defeating all the bosses in Legends 2.

Well, that's all I have so far, if anyone else sends me more, I'll post them up here right away. Remember, this page is only as big as YOU make it, so send me all you FAQS, Walkthrus, and other text files that can help any Legends gamer in need.