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MegaMan Legends 2

The sequel!

MegaMan Legends 2 is the, coincidentally enough, the sequel to MegaMan Legends. This game, is really, REALLY freakin awesome! Imagine everything you love about the first game, and then a WHOLE lot more cool stuff added to it. Much better graphics, a bigger world to explore, and a story that has rocked the entire MegaMan/Rockman world. Here's my page all about MegaMan Legends 2!

(MegaMan Legends is called RockMan Dash in Japan)

One Year Later...

Not much has been going on for MegaMan and the gang the past year after the first game. But today is different. Von Bleucher, a good friend of Barrel, and Barrel himself, are going to go to a dangerous place called Forbidden Island. It's an island surrounded by a huge tornado that no one, except Barrel and Von years ago, actually survived a dig on it. Von's giant airship, the Solphur Bottom, has many reporters ready to witness this daring exploration. Along those reporters are Tron, Teisel, and Glyde. It seems those guys teamed up, but Tron and Teisel dont seem to be too thrilled about it. Poor Roll doesnt feel to thrilled either as well. She can't bare to think that Von Bluecher will most likely find the Mother Lode before she does. Suddenly, a mysterious women atacks the Solphur Bottom! This women looks exactly like Roll's Mother!! WHAT THE!? Immediately, MegaMan and Roll rush to the Solphur Bottom to see whats going on!

Whats the Difference?

So, besides the enhancement to the storyline, whats the difference between MegaMan Legends and MegaMan Legends 2? Well, I betcha the second you start playing you'll notice three differences. Better graphics, new characters, and Tron wears a fancy reporter suit in the begining intro cinema. But these arent the only differences in MegaMan Legends 2. The gameplay is improved very much. MegaMan can do so many new things. For instace, MegaMan can pick up stuff. Yep, MegaMan can pick up downed enemies, items, pigs, and even people! Also there are many more powerups in Legends 2 then there were in Legends. Roll can make many many more special weapons. There are an endless supply of buster parts, which is really cool cause you can make almost any buster attribute combination. And instead of one pair of shoes, MegaMan can use a bigger variety of shoes. Hover Shoes, Hydro skates...WAIT! THAT REMINDS ME! MegaMan can go underwater! This game rules!

The ratings are...

Well. Obviously, my ratings for this game are spectacular. Now, I cant say MegaMan Legends 2 is better then MegaMan Legends, but I can't say it's worse. This game is definitly one of Capcom's best and I am certainly a satisfied customer. This game is worth your money and more. Buy it now! Everyone! Now! Do you hear me!? I'm not joking! Buy it now!

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