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MegaMan Legends!

Welcome to the MegaMan Legends section of The MegaMan Legends Universe! Have a seat and enjoy.

The Game is the Best. Its the beginning. It is the original. It started everything! Its MegaMan Legends. This game puts MegaMan and his friends Roll, Data, and Barrel in a 3-D world of action and RPG! This game is the best (how many times have I said that?). So, lets start the MegaMan Legends section shall we?

What's the Game About?

MegaMan Voulnut, a brave digger and his friends Roll Casket, Barrel Casket, and Data have been living together, going on adventures for a long time. They live in a mysterious world covered with endless water and the people live on small patches of land that remain above the sea (as the over emotional narrator will tell you when you turn the game on). On this world, people use "refractors" to power their machines and other stuff. But refractors aren't so easy to find, infact they are very valuable because of how "dangerous" these refractors are to find. Refractors are usually found in "ruins", dangerous areas filled with traps and deadly mindless robots called reaverbots. Who on earth is crazy enough to go after these refractors? Diggers! Diggers go into ruins, and hopefully come out with their prize. And MegaMan, the main character, is just your average digger. The game starts off where your MegaMan, and your going on one of your everyday digs. After your sucessful mission, MegaMan and company's flying machine, the Flutter, has engine trouble and crash lands on an island called Kattelox. This island is full of happy people, yet riddled with mysterious ruins and puzzles.

The Bonnes

MegaMan and friends are soon to find out there not the only ones on the island. A family of sky pirates have come to Kattelox to steal the legendary treasure supposibly buried on the island. The Mayor Amelia, scared of the pirates, comes to MegaMan for help. MegaMan fights off the Bonnes and explores the ancient ruins, hoping to solve the island's mysteries once and for all. But MegaMan stumbles upon something that may mean the destruction of the entire island. You can do it MegaMan!

The Ratings are...

This game is the coolest! I give it a 5 out of 5 for everything! I've been playing video games all my life, but this one has captured my heart! I love this game, and I will always! Buy it now! Buy it!!! NOW!!!!

Hints and Tips

All the characters from MegaMan Legends

MegaMan Legends Screen Shots!

Ok people thats the MegaMan Legends section have a nice day!

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