MegaMan Legends 2 Characters

The New Cast!

MegaMan Legends 2 has a lot of new faces! Here is a page that displays most of the characters. (Ps. Some of these pictures are from a Japanese web site, they were the only place I could find such neat pictures)

MegaMan is back in this big adventure, too bad his voice is completly different in this game, oh well. MegaMan is still the coolest.

Roll, with MegaMan, is also back, and she wears a cool jacket during some parts of the game. Isnt it neat?

Data is still hanging around the joint. He still hasnt told MegaMan about his past, but will he ever? Anyways, just be sure not to have Data cook pizza for you.

Gramps is calming down in his old age now, he is no longer the loud volumned voiced old guy, but the calm old wise man. He is currently going on a dig with his old friend, Von Bluecher.

Von Bluecher, a new face to the crowd, has been long time friends with Gramps. Von is closer then anyone to the mother lode, but something tells me he'll need MegaMan's help.

Tron is also in search of the Mother Lode. After the finacial disaster of Kattelox, her and her brothers quit the pirate game and openned up a store. But business, like luck, isnt on the Bonnes' side. Now Tron and the gang are hoping that the Mother Lode will take away all there finacial troubles.

Teasel, after the disaster of Kattelox, is more mad at MegaMan then ever. And it seems that the little blue kid is in his way again. Teasel wont give up this time.

Bon Bonne, with the assistance of Tron, has some new battle upgrades. Bon is ready to meet up with MegaMan again.

It seems Glyde teamed up with the Bonnes, but the Bonnes arent to thrilled about it. Glyde and his birdbots are in for the Mother Lode, and they wont pull any punches.

This two veteran diggers are also teamed with the Bonnes and Glyde. They believe they can get the Mother Lode and get the fame they diserve, but are they a little too old for the youthful MegaMan?

Who is this mysterious women? She attacked the Sulphur Bottom and warned Von and Gramps about Forbidden Island. She looks exactly identical to Roll's mother. Will MegaMan and the gang ever solve this riddle?

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