MegaMan Legends Characters

MegaMan Legends Characters!

Welcome. This page has all the characters from MegaMan Legends and descriptions of them. Enjoy!

Age: 14
Description: MegaMan is the main character! He was found by Gramps while he was on a dig on Nino Island. Ever since then MegaMan, Roll, and Gramps have been like a family. MegaMan is the main digger who goes right into the danger of ruins. He is a very skilled digger and possible the best in the world!

Age: 14
Description: Roll is MegaMan's life-time friend and grand daughter to Gramps(Barrel). She is the spotter who navigates MegaMan through ruins. Together, Roll and MegaMan make an incredible duo, and no challenge can stop them.

Age: really really old
Description: Gramps, is a very skilled digger, but in his old age he is starting to slow down. Gramps has been taking care of Roll since she was 5 becuase of the horrible disapearance of Roll's parents.

Age: Who cares, its a monkey
Description: Data was found with MegaMan when Gramps discovered him. Data speaks gibberish and only MegaMan can understand him. Data is very intelligent and always has advise for MegaMan.

Age: 14
Description: Tron is the 14 year old mechanical whiz of the Bonne pirates. She is a bright spirited, determined, young girl who will stop at nothing until she completes her mission. It seems she has a crush on MegaMan as well.

Age: 27
Description: Teisel is sort of the leader of the Bonne Brothers and is a very loving brother to the Bonnes. He can be panicy at times, lacks common sense, but is a very determined leader who never gives up.

Age: must be young, he acts young
Description: Bon Bonne is the biggest, yet the youngest of the Bonne brothers. All he can say is Babuuu! But the other brothers can understand him perfectly.

Age:Some are young, some are old
Description: There are over 40 servbots and each one is an individual. They serve Tron with great respect, clumsy, yet hard working, these litle guys are great little minions for Tron, and very fun for MegaMan to kick around.

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