MegaMan Legends 2 Hints

Hints for MegaMan Legends 2

This game is big, confusing, and long, and I know all you megamaniacs out there would love to hear some quality hints and tips from the the Mega Master, Super Danny. Here is some relief from the confusing game of, MegaMan Legends 2.

All those special weapons!

In MegaMan Legends 2, there are a lot more special weapons then the first one. Here is a list of all the weapons, and the nessecary items to create them.

Crusher = taser + soft ball

Buster Cannon = Thick Pipe + Artillery Notes

Hyper Shell = Firecracker + Rusty Bazooka

Homing Missle = Radar Notes + Bottle Rocket

Ground Crawler = Rusted Mine + Bowling Ball

Vacuum arm = Broken Motor + Broken Vacuum

Reflector Arm = Bomb Schamatic + Super Ball

Shield Arm = Shield Generator + Shield Notes

Blade Arm = Zetsabre + Blade Beam Notes

Shinning Laser = Laser Manual + Green Eye

Machine Gun Arm = Broken Model Gun + Long Barrel

Spread Buster = Sower + Spread Fire Notes

Hunter Seeker = Sensor + Autofire Notes

Drill Arm = Broken Drill + Heavy Duty Gear

Aqua Blaster = MegaMan's first weapon, he gets right from the start.

Different Difficulty modes

Like in MegaMan Legends, you can play the game at different difficuly levels. All you gotta do is beat the game. Beat the game once and you will have the hard mode and the easy mode. Hard mode has MegaMan begin his adventure with an S Licence, nothing much too different. Now easy mode is cool, you start off with a buster part that enhances all attributes to max power. Also you start the game with a C license. The enemies are easy, you get average zenny, and you can go to any ruin in the world. Beat any game with an S license or just beat Hard Mode, and you'll get the Very Hard Mode. In this Mode you start with an SS license (does the chaos ever stop!). And to give you an idea of how hard very hard mode is, I, Super Danny, haven't accomplished this....bum bum bum!!!

License tests

You can take a digger's test at either the church in Calincia, or at the digger's guild on Nino Island. The A license test is easy, just run in and kill. After getting an A license, MegaMan's enemies will be more aggresive, but the will explode into a lot more zenny. After the A test, try the S test. This one took me forever. Its jam packed with enemies and you have barely enough time. My only advise is that you use the lifter in an effective matter, and find ANY cheap way to save time. Here's a neat trick! If you hold square, and continously tap forward, MegaMan will shot his buster in a more rapid fasion! Try it out, get the hang of it, and that S license will be yours! With the S license MegaMan can enter the ruin on Kimotama Island (which is a great place for money and items). MegaMan is all powered up with an S license.

Getting the Tool kit

Think Roll is charging a little too much for weapons development? Well there is a way to save money. First, go to your local General Store, and buy random items for the flutter. Go back to the flutter and you'll notice that Roll isnt in the Flutter cockpit. Data says Roll is taking a bath. Now I've been waiting patiently for Roll to finish her bath, but it seems you have to walk in on her. Do so and she will yell at you (MegaMan's expression is...well um you just have to see it). After that, go to the cockpit and Roll will have a new toolkit which reduces the price for weapons development.

All Done

Ok, Thats my hints and tips page, hope you enjoyed it. If you still have questions, write to me at Ok then. See ya.

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