Characters from Tron Bonne

One great thing about The Misadventures of Tron Bonne was the cast of characters. Capcom kept the original family from Legends, and they added some new faces too. Like Glyde, Mr.Loath, and Denise, the spirited police woman, and many others. These characters add a lot to the storyline. Anyways on this page you can see pictures and information on the characters from The Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

TRON BONNE! Here she is, the greatest video game female character in the known world, and she is the main character in her own game! Tron is a 14 year old girl who works as the robot builder of the Bonnes. She tries her hardest to be a part of the working team, but lately Tron has'nt been able to get in on the action.

TEASEL BONNE! The main man of the Bonnes. Lately, Teasel has been like the commander, the attacker, and he is very good at his fighting strageties. Right now he is working on a big mission which would give the Bonnes lots 'o' money(but Teasel has been known to screw up and be too confident).

BON BONNE! Bon is the youngest and most strongest of the Bonnes. All he can say is Babuuu! but the rest of the Bonnes can understand him perfectly. Bon acts like the secondary attacker and is a pretty good digger too.

SERVBOTS! There are 40 in all. These little guys are like Tron's minions. They each have there own personality and other unique qualities.

GLYDE! Glyde is a mean, snooty, rich pirate who works as Loath's right hand man. Glyde's current mission is to capture Teasel becuase Teasel owes Loath 1 million zenny. Glyde has a brigade of robots called birdbots. Glyde tries very hard to serve his master Loath.

LOATH! Loath is one of the world's richest, most succesful pirate in the world. Right now he is searching for a great treasure, but instead of him working for it himself, Loath is making others work off there debt to him by trying to dog for the "treasure". What a sleez.

DENISE! Denise, the rookie cop who is despearitly trying to prove worthy to the captian of police, gets into Tron's way and causes a big problem. But this character has the coolest theme song!

Alright those are most of the character's from The Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

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