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Every web site has one, a page with a bunch of links they recommend, and here is mine. I'm trying hard to get more cool MegaMan web sites but everyone who makes them wont reply to my e-mail I sent them asking permission to put it on my site. Anyways I think you guys should go to these sites, NOW!! thanks

MegaMan Sites!

Capcom made MegaMan. The creators of the blue bomber. If Capcom wasn't here, then neither would MegaMan, pay your respects by visiting there web site.

Mega Man Legends Station
Mega Man Legends Station. Mega Man Legends Station is by far the greatest fan created MegaMan Legends website I have seen currently active on the net. It's got all you need, LOADS of useful info, tons of fun interactive stuff, and wonderful images. Put this one on your favorites people, it's AMAZING!

Rockman Tanjou
Rockman Tanjou.An interesting and neat website, this place specializes in translating Rockman Manga! Better yet, they are currently working on translating Rockman DASH manga (MegaMan Legends is Rockman DASH in Japan, you should really know this by now :P)! The website has a very skilled staff and seems very productive, so save this one to your favorites as well, it'll be really amazing seeing DASH manga translated!

Mega Man Revolution. Mega Man Revolution is a fresh brand new Mega Man website bringing you a big site for EVERY series of Mega Man. The webmaster there is known as Nova, but he also goes by VG Man 2005, the talented artist who made a MegaMan Legends remix listed on the MP3s/WMAs Page. Check out his new and growing website!

Kattelox Network This is a MegaMan Legends dedicated site. It's really hard to find these, especially really good ones like this one here. It's an awesome website! Go there!

Capcom's Japan RockMan Dash site! This place is the coolest! It's all in Japanese, but still, great pictures, and it's really massive! Check it out!!

Legends Unlimited This MegaMan Legends website was made by the same person who makes those hilarious Taco Saga Comics. You may also know him as servbot4677 in the Message Boards. It's a promising website that's getting bigger and bigger.

(more MegaMan sites are coming soon, check back soon)

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